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Draeger Interlock XT

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The Draeger XT is a state of the art alcohol-monitoring device made for any vehicle (including motorcycles). It's purpose is to record the alcohol levels of each test taken by the driver, monitor the vehicles engine status and intervene between the driver and the vehicle when alcohol levels register too high. This does not mean that the interlock can shut off the vehicle while in route. It only means that it will not allow the vehicle to start from positive results by the initial test. By doing this we are proud to say our interlocks are saving lives by keeping drunk drivers off the road.

How It Works
The interlock works by requiring the driver to blow into the machine before the car ignition can be powered on. It is extremely accurate and records every test taken for observation by the courts and/or probation. The interlock then intermittently requires tests to be taken while driving. The driver, with proper training and time allotted by the device, can do this safely. By doing random tests it ensures that the original test taken to start the vehicle was done by the person now driving.

Draeger Interlock XT with Camera

Draeger Interlock with camera

Draeger XT interlock now offers a full color camera with each device. It works by taking a picture while each test is being taken. This ensures us, the courts and probation that only the driver is taking the test and no one else. Some courts and probations consider an interlock camera to be a requirement and not a suggestion. This is why it is considered standard with Affordable Interlock devices.

Tamper Proof
Along side extra test precaution to maintain interlock test integrity, the device also records the status of the vehicle's engine and whether or not it has been tampered with. This would include such things as push starting the vehicle. The interlock also records when the device itself has been tampered with by monitoring its power, wires and opening of it's casing. All of these precautions and more have been taken over the years through trial and error of Draeger interlock customers who have thought to outsmart the machine. Draeger has gotten so good with tamper proofing their devices, anyone trying to outsmart it would have to be out of their mind.

Tampering with the machine or vehicle is a serious violation and is taken as such when penalties are enforced against the violator through the courts or probation. In other words, DON'T TRY IT!

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