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Q&A about Interlocks

What you need to know and should ask before installing an ignition interlock.

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Q. What is an ignition interlock?
A. An Interlock is a breath alcohol analysis device that is installed in a motor vehicle. The Interlock prevents an alcohol-impaired person from starting the motor vehicle. Retests are randomly required during operation of the vehicle. The Interlock system records dates, times, test results, engine runs and engine offs. This data is provided to designated authorities and used to determine compliance with the Interlock program.

Q. How long does it take for the interlock to warm up and request a test?
A. The Draeger Interlock is ready for a test usually within 20 seconds. 1st Warm up time in cold weather can take up to 3 minutes.

Q. How difficult is it to present a sample?
A. Humming is NOT required when testing on the Draeger Interlock. The Draeger Interlock has a blow suck technique that makes our interlock user friendly and sets us apart from the rest.

Q. Do I have to pay a deposit?
A. No. there are NO deposits or hidden fees.

Q. Can you install on a motorcycle?
A. Yes, we can install on a motorcycle where it is state approved.

Q. Do I have to mail in my interlock and wait for another to be shipped to me?
A. No, all calibrations are done in our conveniently located service centers and typically take 15 minutes.

Q. Do I have to pay ahead of time to schedule my appointment?
A. No. You pay at the time of your installation. We do not require you to keep your credit card on file so there are no unauthorized charges.

Q. If I miss my appointment, do I have to pay to tow my vehicle in for service?
A. No. The Draeger Interlock has a unlock code feature that allows you to avoid hefty towing fees where it is state approved.

Q. How often will the interlock need to be monitored?
A. No. Typically, the Interlock is monitored at the service center approximately every thirty to sixty days. This monitoring and calibration check will take approximately fifteen (15) minutes.

Q. What if I miss my monitoring appointment?
A. State law requires that your device be serviced regularly. You will be required to bring the vehicle in for monitoring approximately every thirty days to sixty days.

Q. Will the unit shut off the engine?
A. No. An Interlock does not shut off a vehicle's engine or stop it abruptly in its tracks. If a Retest is failed or if the Retest is not presented when required, a violation will be recorded and the vehicle's horn may sound and the lights may flash until either the breath test is passed or the vehicle is turned off by the driver.

Q. What if the vehicle stalls in traffic?
A. The Interlock allows a free restart of 3 minutes. The vehicle can be restarted within this time without another breath test.

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